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Create, Study, and Share Flash Cards
  • Create and share flash cards online.
  • Reduce study time; improve grades.
  • Employ option to run set until you get all correct.
  • Edit cards on the fly (in the middle of running a card set).
  • Save scores and graphically monitor improvement.
  • Create your own categories.
  • Use the "Hints" field to create mnemonic devices to connect concepts.  Memory experts say that mnemonic devices speed learning and increase retention, versus rote memory.
  • Save favorite sets for quick access.
  • Upload data already on your computer.
  • Use address book to email card set link to entire class.
  • Print quiz straight from card set.
School Principals
  • Be scientific.  Randomly assign 100 students to use this web site.  After three months, compare test results of users to non-users.
  • Link school web site to this site.
Job Trainers
  • Help new employees learn key terms.
  • Publish efficiency tips for all employees.
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ClipMate™ is a Windows clipboard extender that allows you to more efficiently assemble flash cards. Instead of copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste, you can do copy-copy-copy, then, using ClipMate's PowerPaste feature, paste-paste-paste – i.e., do all your copying, and then all your pasting.  It's better that way because you don't have to keep going back and forth.
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